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What was going on in August?

Well that’s the question.. what happened with all my good resolutions from July? Did I manage to finish the WIPs (Work In Progress) that were WIPs way too long?

The weather remained, unusually hot and dry in Europe. So we could sit outside a lot, and a lot of crocheting was done outside as well.  🙂  Did you notice I kind of changed the subject here..? *blush*

This little stool was made by using a free pattern from JipbyJan. She has recorded a nice and very easy to follow video tutorial too! Just click on the link.


No, not a long time sitting-in-the-corner WIP that was finally finished… What else happened in August? I did manage to work on this WIP on the go…


But… got distracted by this cute pattern….again from the book “Alles is Haken” (Everything is crochet) from Saskia Laan. I decided to make it in neutral colors, without the flowers. I took a more bulky cotton and changed the hook size from 3.5  mm (F) to 5 mm (H) to get a bigger version.

Nice for some grocery shopping, I thought…..but it has already been claimed by my dear son (!)♥. I can’t help it but I love it when he wants to play with something I’ve crocheted….and he probably knows that. 😉

Then we went on a super cool holiday to Norway….and I decided to stick to one WIP at the time…and brought two of them. Just in case I would finish one and there would be nothing left to crochet (the horror!). Norway….the mountains, the waterfalls, the trees, the little (and some bigger) villages, the fjords and the coast line…..Everywhere you look, the views are stunning! Jeg elsker Norge! (I love Norway).

Look here a stunning view…and a WIP!

There is no good holiday (for me) without visiting a local yarn shop …so we did. And luckily there are very smart people in Norway…..they had a play area in the yarn shop and some magazines for “waiting husbands” 🙂

We also visited some shops where they sell home knitted and crocheted items (inspiration!!). The things they make, besides the famous Norwegian knitted sweaters are very beautiful too…

And in an open air museum…we found some antique crochet work as well!


Did I actually manage to finish a WIP as well? Actually, Yes I did! Two of them.
A very nice shawl and a boys scarf…both designed by myself.

I’m planning to write down the patterns for you all and maybe even make a crochet scheme. This means I have to downsize my procrastination skills once again 😉

I found a nice site to make crochet schemes in, it is called Stitch Fiddle, so let’s see how this will turn out.

Would you like to get the patterns? And will a crochet scheme be helpful?
And also very important…does any of you have any great tips on how to tackle my procrastinating habits?

Please leave a comment below.


CreaCaress (aka Thessa)


4 thoughts on “What was going on in August?”

  1. That knitted shopping bag LOOKS SO GOOD! If I started learning how to knit how long do you think it would be before I was competent enough to make a bag?


  2. @Joseph Beech, Thank you, Joseph! It might be easier than you think! Only three basic crochet stitches to learn and you’re good to go. Maybe a fun next challenge for you? 🙂


  3. @Herman, Thanks Herman! The view was one of many, Norway is such a beautiful country. I’m still working on the scarf pattern…. it’s out of my comfort zone…I have to learn some new skills and it is taking me longer than I wished for…. but eventually I will manage. 🙂


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