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WIP pile

Sometimes I really want too much at the same time…like finishing a new design,… and another one….and then again something new pops into my mind…so I usually end up with a “work-in-progress-pile” (WIP-pile).

And for a mysterious reason this WIP-pile lacks a lot of colour…so I had to crochet some colourful mini projects in between, to keep my visual mind happy 🙂

mollie makes

Like this cute ornament which came with a Mollie Makes magazine!

My current WIP pile consists of three of my new designs….which hopefully will end up as patterns on this blog: a boys scarf, a nice shawl and a pixel pillow…..

Well just to (try to) keep me focused on finishing these three projects.. some sneak previews..

The boys scarf:

IMG_0362 insta

The pixel pillow:


I know I could show more…but it is kind of a secret surprise…so I’ll have to keep you in the dark a little longer… 🙂

The nice shawl:

Which reminds me…I should come up with some nice names when they are entirely finished!

Do you have any great ideas for naming these items?






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