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How to optimize lay out?

I have been exploring all kinds of different tools on the internet. Helping me to expand my knowlegde on professional looking patterns, photo’s and maybe even video’s? (but this still is way out of my comfort zone…so I'm just  playing around a bit..) I found Canva, to help me with the lay out of (future)… Continue reading How to optimize lay out?

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What was going on in August?

Well that's the question.. what happened with all my good resolutions from July? Did I manage to finish the WIPs (Work In Progress) that were WIPs way too long? The weather remained, unusually hot and dry in Europe. So we could sit outside a lot, and a lot of crocheting was done outside as well.… Continue reading What was going on in August?

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How my WIPs (Work in Progress) stayed WIPs…

The plan was to show you my newest design and pattern...but I always have more plans than hours in the day, or week or even month. I did crochet, of course...but I got a little distracted from my own patterns-to-be. I always tell myself I need some little colorful projects in between, like this awesome… Continue reading How my WIPs (Work in Progress) stayed WIPs…

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My Niçoise-like salad

Did I mention before...I love to make (invent) salads? For me it is the ultimate "throw together whatever you have left in the fridge" kind of dish. Quick, easy and tasteful. This time I had some endive, cooked sweet potato, some left over green beans and some eggs...and immediately my mind went to France...thinking of… Continue reading My Niçoise-like salad

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Sometimes I really want too much at the same finishing a new design,... and another one....and then again something new pops into my I usually end up with a "work-in-progress-pile" (WIP-pile). And for a mysterious reason this WIP-pile lacks a lot of I had to crochet some colourful mini projects in between, to… Continue reading WIP-pile