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This time it’s a Reindeer!

After the cute little rabbit, I just couldn’t resist to start a new amigurumi project. It was meant to be finished before Christmas…but due to some nasty virusses that visited our home (unfortunately all family members had to suffer…multiple times  😦  ….) it took me a little longer.   

Although I didn’t fall in the procrastination trap this time. You know, when you have crocheted all the parts and the only thing you have to do is to assemble them and the parts keep lying around for weeks (months?!) until you finally do so. And then it turns out that it really wasn’t that much work and you keep saying to yourself….. again … ”Why didn’t I do this right away? It would have saved me the energy of postponing and thinking it would be difficult.”

I think this will be a good one for 2019 too: Don’t think, just do! 😉

And here she is! I did change the colors quite dramatically, but she still turned out nice, don’t you think? She now sits in our living room together with Annabelle (my first amigurumi ever).

rendier 3

The pattern is from the talented Carmen Jorissen from newleafdesigns and was published in Yarn Bookazine no 6, Folk, from Scheepjes.* 

We are used to giving all the amigurumi’s a name, but we did not come up with a name for this reindeer yet, what would you call her?



*This blogpost has not been sponsored, these are my own experiences and opinions.

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