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It’s a rabbit!

First of all: Have a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year you all! 

Lately, I kept on stumbling onto those very cute amigurumi’s… at craft fairs, P.interest, In.stagram, internet….. Although these kind of projects are not my first choice to make, too fiddly and mostly the same stitch, I do love to see the finished projects. Then  I saw a very cute one…again.…I showed one to my son and said…”Look how cute this one is!” and he said, with his big blue eyes….”mommy will you please make this one for me, please?” It will match my cactus……yes, I must confess… we have a bunny cactus in our living room. 🙂

And I did, it was a very small amigurumi bunny, and it actually did make a nice pair with his cactus!

Although, nowadays it mainly sleeps in his bed… the amigurumi, not the cactus! 😉
He has named him “Skattie” which is Dutch (dialect) and means “Cutie”.

The (free) pattern is from stip&haak, and is also available in English! She has made many more very cute amigurumi patterns too.

It is actually more rewarding than I thought, crocheting those amigurumi’s, I must do it more often!

What is your preferred crochet project?



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