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Knitting socks and more…

Learning new skills…. that was my “mission” for this year and will be for next year. Because eventually I would like to be able to let you enjoy new patterns, recipes, DIY projects and the joy of making and doing…. and that is something I have to remind myself of many times.

The joy is in learning and making. I tend to forget that…wishing the item would already be finished, wishing I did not have to learn something, but just want to know how it is done and to be able to do it myself in a split second. And learning means just doing…no procrastination…just doing, making mistakes and redoing, until the puzzle pieces fall into place and you know how it is done.

So, I grabbed myself together and went to a sock knitting workshop…I haven’t been really knitting for about 25 years (oh, those two simple scarfs don’t really count!), so my skills were… lets say … a little “rusty”.

Starting with knitting socks in this situation, is not recommended 😉 all those tiny needles! But after three hours of hard work (and a lot of help)…jay! I had a begining… 

In the mean time…, remember..I started working on a new crochet pattern…it is not finished..but still there is some progress. And I learned a new crochet stitch in the process! 🙂

The mixed cluster stitch, which creates a beautiful texture! It’s so beautiful. For a good tutorial, check out Daisyfarmcrafts on y.outube.

I also remembered this baby toy, I made a while ago for one of my newborn nieces at that time. It was a gift at my sisters baby shower.

This was the first 3D crochet project I’ve ever made.…. after the thrown away attempt to crochet a mouse. The idea came from Haak en Smaak. I did simplify the pattern, by not using the difficult stitches I didn’t know, and replaced them for two double crochets (double trebles, UK) worked together (dc2tog,or dtr 2tog for UK).

Do you ever simplify a pattern by changing the stitches? (Instead of learning new stitches…)



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