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To crochet or not to crochet?

To crochet of course! After some trouble with W.ordpress, which in the end has been solved by using another webbrowser, I’m up and running for blogposts again.

We have some catching up to do, so let’s get started. For trying to create beautiful patterns for you all, I’m still working on enhancing my skills…So I tried to crochet a tiny sweater…the free pattern (in Dutch) is from the talented ByClaire.

And a colorful baby blanket, with different stitches, that turned out to be fairly easy actually! and perfect for trying new color combinations…and working on down sizing my stash of single balls of yarn in various colors 😉
The free pattern (in Dutch) is from “liefhandwerk” (Baby blanket Beau).

I’ve made a start with designing a new pattern myself…….and here is the frogging, which happened multiple times. I’m starting to get used to it 🙂 

It is now getting in a more finished state…but still I need to go over one new hurdle. I want to add a zipper to this crocheted piece. Let’s see if this works out and if when I will be able to show you the end result in one of the next posts…

A few weeks before her birthday my, now nine year old, niece said she really wanted a crocheted infinity scarf that would match her new pale pink coat…I was the lucky one that was chosen to make this piece for her. 🙂 She combined the colors and the pattern. The combination turned out really nice. She has a very good eye for this!   

The free pattern is from Wolplein. The pattern is written in Dutch, but also contains a crochet scheme.

I have a lot of new ideas bubbling inside of me….that want to come out. I think there will be more crochet…and knitting coming up. That’s what this season does to me…it’s cold and rainy out here, perfect for creating new warm, cosy and happy items! (with a cup of tea at hand on my comfortable couch..).

What do you like to do when the weather outside is not very attractive?


Thessa (CreaCaress)

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