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How to optimize lay out?

I have been exploring all kinds of different tools on the internet. Helping me to expand my knowlegde on professional looking patterns, photo’s and maybe even video’s? (but this still is way out of my comfort zone…so I’m just  playing around a bit..)

I found Canva, to help me with the lay out of (future) patterns. I fiddled around a bit in the free version and look… this was the result of 10 minutes of playing around with the application.

shawl sue

Well writing patterns in text is something I’ve done before (click, click)…but making a crochet scheme is something completely different! I stumbled upon Stitch Fiddle before to make pixel patterns, like the corn poppy on this website, but now I tried to make a crochet scheme for the first time…. it is an easy program to use. This is what I made in about 5 minutes.

Chart – Stitch Fiddle-4

You have to sign up to be able to download or share your crochet schemes. You can have the basic stitches for free, but there are also great options in the premium paid version. Then you can use colors, or for instance an easy peasy direct translation of your scheme into text.

For videos I think Magisto could be a good option. You can get a 7 day free trial option to check it out. I haven’t used it myself yet, because … well I can think of a million good sounding reasons, but really I’m procrastinating on this one. There is a barrier I have to tackle first.

Of course I have crocheted too…Let’s show some pictures!

One evening while fiddling around with some yarn laying around…this star or flower? appeared..

Then a little black dress needed a vibrant touch, so I crocheted a bright blue sparkly scarf to go with it. It was the first time I’ve crocheted with mohair yarn. Luckily it will not be the last time 😉

I’m planning to work on enhancing my crochet skills, knitting skills, photography skills and pattern writing skills further, so I will have more to share with you all. I really love nice home made projects and I still like to see whether I can actually turn what I imagine in my head into a real crochet project and make it “share-able”.

What kind of skill would you like to enhance?



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