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How my WIPs (Work in Progress) stayed WIPs…

The plan was to show you my newest design and pattern…but I always have more plans than hours in the day, or week or even month. I did crochet, of course…but I got a little distracted from my own patterns-to-be.

I always tell myself I need some little colorful projects in between, like this awesome coaster.


I used the pattern from Saskia Laan, from her book “Alles is haken” (Everything is crochet)9200000057138012.jpg

Then one evening after dinner my dear son (4 y/o) had a magnificent idea…he wanted to crochet a vest…”Mom, can you teach me how to do that?” I only could reply: ” Yes, of course, dear.” Taking advantage of this spark of interest for crocheting…who knows whether we will end up crocheting on the couch together 😉 We practiced for about ten minutes and he managed to chain 5!


No matter how enthusiastic I was, after this he decided that it did not look like a vest in any way and that it would probably take him forever to get his own made vest… He has a very realistic view on things 😉

I made a magazine basket, to keep my crochet magazines nicely organized. The pattern was from Wolplein.

IMG_0531And because of the lovely weather my crochet-magazines were allowed to go outside, so I could have a nice crochet session under our prune tree. 🙂

Then I wondered how everyone on Instagram seemed to make these beautiful collages on Instagram effortlessley . And I learned how to make a nice collage of my crochet photographs… I downloaded the app Pic Collage, and it turned out to be a piece of cake! This is my first collage of all the photographs I posted on Instagram in June.


And as you can see I also crocheted some granny squares, some flowers and I showed my favorite socks (which are knitted by my beloved aunt).

And because of the continuous lovely weather my first ever crocheted amigurumi, an alpaca called Annabelle, was also allowed to play outside..


June was a month full of crochet, beautiful weather and I learned new things…but I did not finish my WIPs, nor wrote the pattern I intended to…

Let’s see if I’ll succeed in posting a pattern in July. I will try not to get distracted and I’ve already read some good advice from Gretchen Rubin on how to change my “procrastination skills”. If you are a follower, you’ll be the first to know if it works out! 😉

What is your strategy to stop yourself from procrastinating?




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