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Easy Kids Beanie


Well actually I was working on another pattern….but this idea popped up and when  the hook I was working with broke, can you imagine! I figured……it was a sign I had to check out if this new idea would work!

First I took another hook, a 6,5 mm, or K for US, this time. A bigger hook, just to be on the safe side  🙂

Then I took three strands of yarn (Special DK and Colour Crafter) in three different colors, color A (a dark grey), B (a light grey) and C. (a greenish color). And started a ribbed pattern, while changing the strands every other row…I really was amazed by the effect. And decided to turn it into a kids size beanie (size approximately 1-2 years). In these shades I had a boy in mind, but of course it is very easy to adjust the colors just the way you like them.

For the first chain stitches I always use a bigger hook, to make sure the stitches are nice and loose (not too tight). In this case I took an 8 mm hook (US: L)

For this pattern you need:

  • Some leftover yarn in colour A (dark grey: I used Stylecraft special DK grey)
  • Some leftover yarn in colour B (light grey: I used Stylecraft special DK silver)
  • Some leftover yarn in colour C (greenish: I used Scheepjes Colour Crafter 1725, Ameland)
  • 8 mm hook (L)
  • 6,5 mm hook (K)
  • needle to weave in ends


  1. Chain 31 stitches (30+1) with colours A and B with the 8 mm hook (L), turn your work, change to the 6,5 mm hook (K).
  2. Start in the second stitch from your hook with a single crochet (UK: double crochet) in the back loop only and finish the whole row with single crochets in the back loop, but do not entirely finish the last stitch. In this last stitch, when you still have two strands on your hook, you change strand A to strand C (and keep strand B also) and then finish this last stitch. chain one with strand B and C. And just leave strand A hanging on the side.
  3. Continue for two rows with strands B and C crocheting single crochets in the back loop only (don’t forget to chain one at the end of each row and to turn your work).
  4. At the end of the second row with colors B and C do not entirely finish the last stitch, but change strand B for strand A (just pick it up…its hanging on the side), and continue to finish this last stitch with colors A and C. Chain one and keep on crocheting the next two rows with single crochets, back loop only  with colours A and C. Leave colour B hanging on the side.
  5. Change to colors A and B again and leave colour C hanging on the side. Crochet two rows of single crochets, back loop only.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you have a length of approximately 37 centimeters (14,5 inches). End with colors A and C. Finish off and weave in ends.
  7. Fold your work in halve so it measures approximately 20×21 cm (8×7,5 inches) and sew the sides together with colour A.
  8. The side with the loops from picking up the strands will be the top. Lace up the stitches on this side with colour A and pull the strand tightly together and tie a firm knot. There will be a small opening left at the top, sew that together with colour A as well.
  9. Fold the rim…and
  10. It is finished!

This size is suitable for a child of approximately 1-2 years.

I hope you will enjoy this pattern!

Have you ever changed plans…and it seemed to work out well?






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