My first amigurumi!


I hesitated long before I eventually started making an amigurumi….why the hesitation? Not because it would take me a long time to finish it…I’ve been working on larger projects before…So what was it that bothered me?

I guess I always thought that I’m  “just not an amigurumi kind of person”…too detailed, too much counting rows…etc… etc…

Why did I start making this cute Alpaca anyway? The best reason ever! Because I was asked by my dear son to do so when he saw the pattern in a crochet magazine: “Simply haken”, no 2, 2017.

It indeed was a very cute pattern designed by Janine Tsakisiris and…it was the first time ever that he actually wanted me to crochet something for him! Who can ever resist such a request, even if it had to be an amigurumi.  😉

I made the Alpaca from a 100% cotton yarn (not from alpaca, as was recommended in the pattern) suitable for a 3 mm (11, UK and D, US) hook. I didn’t attach the eye-lashes from the original pattern, because my son wants to play with it. With these minor changes, she turned out quite nice (to my surprise, actually!) and was immediately embraced when the last stitch was finished.


Have you ever gone out of your “comfort zone” while creating something?



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