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A lot of people have already asked me for the recipe, after BBQ’s, during work lunches, after Christmas dinners…..

Yes, one can eat a nice coleslaw at a Christmas dinner, well at least my family enjoyed it very much 🙂 ….so here is the simple but delicious recipe.

To serve one large hungry family you need:

1 egg
250 ml grape seed oil (or any other mild tasting oil)
1 table spoon apple vinegar (or lemon juice)
pinch of salt (to taste)
pepper (to taste)
3 cups of white cabbage
1 cup of red cabbage
1 big apple
1 red pepper (paprika)
1 big carrot

an immersion blender
a food processor

First make the mayonnaise. Take a narrow “vase” to fit the immersion blender later on. Combine the first five ingredients in this narrow vase and place the immersion blender on the bottom of the vase. Put it on high speed and as the lower part of the mixture starts to whiten, very, very slowly lift the immersion blender, until everything has turned into mayonnaise. We call it “magic-naise” :-). Put it in the fridge.

Grate the white and red cabbage in the food processor, and also grate the carrot in this way. Put it in a big bowl. Then finely chop the red pepper and the big apple and add them to the veggies in the big bowl. Do not grate them in the food processor, because this wil make the coleslaw too moist.

Make the dressing. Take a small bowl and add 5 big table spoons of mayonnaise (app. 200 ml), combine it with app. 5 table spoons of mild olive oil, two table spoons of apple vinegar, some salt and pepper (to taste). The dressing should taste slightly too salty and too sour. Then it is perfect for mixing with the grated and chopped veggies. Mix the dressing and the veggies thoroughly. If you think the slaw is a little too dry, then add some more mayonnaise, and then..enjoy!

Once I found out how easy (and tasty!) it is to make mayonnaise, I never bought it from the store again.

Have you ever made your own fresh mayonnaise?





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