A crochet beanie that my husband actually wears…


The past few years I’ve been crocheting a lot, and for many different “dear and near ones” …and still my husband was very reluctant in actually wanting to wear one of my crochet projects.

…until now….

What happened?

First, I made him look in the mirror wearing his regular beanie, which he needs to wear right now, because it is really freezing out here! This was not the sight he had hoped for… let’s say it was not really flattering.. 🙂

Then, I got permission to crochet him a new beanie, jay! Second, we needed a pattern that would really please him. It hat to with a blended yarn, with a little texture, but not too much, and oh my, it had to look like it was not crocheted! Well a first step is a first step, even if it had to look knitted. So I spend some time on P.interest and there it was…a simple but beautiful pattern from Jess of the “Make & Do Crew”, a 1.5 hour beanie (free pattern).

He even came along with me to the yarn store to choose the yarn he liked most. He really liked to have a blended yarn, which was not available in the right hook size. So we took two colors in a smaller hook size (Stylecraft Special DK, Grey and Silver) and I worked with both colors together to get the “blended” look. He was very pleased with the result…do you want to see it?

Here you go!


Being (or if you were) a guy, would you want to wear a crocheted item?



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