First blog post

Yippee! The time has come! I’m officially typing my first  blog post.

I’m going to write about what inspires me, touches me en what makes life beautiful. And I’m going to share it with you all. Among other things crochet makes me very happy, just like beautiful color combinations, creating new crochet patterns and writing. You will see a lot of that here!

Besides crochet, I like to reflect on my every day life, myself (and sometimes others). What is it, that moves me and what is the message behind it? The last few months it became clearer that I would like to explore this direction for myself in order to grow and learn more about this and other creative sides of me.

Most of all I would like to reach out and get in touch with you, my fellow crochet-lovers! Because non of my relatives know how to crochet (or haven’t touched a crochet-hook in decades) and neither do most of my  friends.

It doesn’t matter, I love them dearly anyway! Although it will be nice once in a while to get that enthusiastic understanding reaction when I talk about the beautiful effects of a crossed double crochet (US) or crossed double treble (UK) or about the gorgeous CAL I’ve seen, instead of the usual compassionate looks I get: “ Whatever makes you happy…”  Recognizable?

Well crochet and starting this blog surely makes me happy, I hope following this blog will light a smile on your face too! Welcome, have lots of fun here and I’m very happy to get to know you!

Love, CreaCaress


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