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Quick cute crochet vase

  My son brought home a beautiful flower from the flower store. It kind of looked like a snowflake to me, although my heart melted :-). But....I didn't have a vase in the right what to do? I decided to upgrade a little empty jar with yarn. Last week I was in my favourite… Continue reading Quick cute crochet vase


My first amigurumi!

I hesitated long before I eventually started making an amigurumi....why the hesitation? Not because it would take me a long time to finish it...I've been working on larger projects before...So what was it that bothered me? I guess I always thought that I'm  "just not an amigurumi kind of person"...too detailed, too much counting rows...etc...… Continue reading My first amigurumi!


A crochet beanie that my husband actually wears…

The past few years I’ve been crocheting a lot, and for many different “dear and near ones” …and still my husband was very reluctant in actually wanting to wear one of my crochet projects. …until now…. What happened? First, I made him look in the mirror wearing his regular beanie, which he needs to wear… Continue reading A crochet beanie that my husband actually wears…